Find below the list of technical services we offer related to tank container and cisterns, such as cleaning, heating, repairs, inspections or product transfer.

Tank Container Cleaning Station


Our installations in Algeciras and Tarragona have cleaning facilities for tank container, dry bulk boxes and cisterns, accredited by the legislation Real Decreto 948/2003 and positively audited by SQAS. Both stations are part of the Asociación Nacional de Lavaderos Interiores de Cisternas (ANLIC) and issue an EFTCO cleaning certificated.

Our cleaning system is divided in lanes all of which have steaming for disinfection and tank trucks cleaning, as well as hot air drying.


Heating for Tank Containers and Cisterns

Euconsa has installations for steam heating up to 10 bars of pressure in all our installations in Spain. We also provide this service for unattended tank trucks.

Repair and Maintenance of Containers

There is a repair shop in each installation of ours where we repair tank containers, our own containers and of others companies as well. We have a large array of spares of valves, gaskets, couplings and others accessories. Likewise, we also get tank trucks ready for ADR test or Vacuum test prior to loading.

Compulsory Periodic ADR Test

We can get your tank container or cistern ready for any of the periodic ADR inspections. We work in collaboration with all the pertinent authorized institutions to offer you an efficient service.

Product Transfer

EUCONSA has emergency units suitable for transferring products both in route (breakdown or accident) and in our installations or of a third party.